InHouse Product @ WebTechFactory
InHouse Product @ WebTechFactory
InHouse Product @ WebTechFactory
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MEŠ Bor / WP Development

Web development for school web presentation...

Centar Za Talente Bor / BackEnd

Creating school system for internal communication and data processing... Tool used(T/U): VB.NET; C#; SQL

Mobil Sistem / FrontEnd

Custom static web site creation. T/U: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP

QUBE OS / BackEnd

I'v tryed to create independent operating system using Assembler and VisualBasic...

TimeWar:DZ & Infinity Quest / GameDev

Creating personal game experience using unity and unreal with C# and C++...

Shark System / SoftwareDev

Secure and fast windows manager for daily users and developers. T/U: VisualBasic

Joombrela / MobileDev

Application created for better experience while coding on mobile phone... if someone actually do that. T/U: Java, SQL

Dobrodošli.net / FullStack

Developing custom cms solution and custom theme design. Over 100000 monthly users. T/U: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, jQuery, MySQL

Doktor u Kući / FullStack

Custom web solution for various medical needs. T/U: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, jQuery

AudioBM / FullStack

Custom web solution for huge medical reseller company. Ecommerce included. T/U: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS

Freelance Work

Various freelance projects like creating custom solution for wordpress or custom cms, website maintenance, front end trifles and UI/UX design...

During this period in my work and learning process the emphasis was shifted to web technologies from software and game development...
Irkom / FullStack

Developing custom web solution for big Serbian company. Ecommerce included. T/U: PHP, WP, HTML, CSS, JS

TehnoGama / FullStack

Custom cms and web design with ecommerce. T/U: PHP, WP...

SamoRad / WP Development

Work on custom wp theme and plugins for easy maintance. Custom wp ecommerce solution. T/U: PHP, VisualComposer...

Školski Sport / WP Development

Developing custom theme for wp website. Also tehnical support. T/U: PHP, VisualComposer

BgSport / MobileDev

Developing mobile solution for Ministry of Youth and Sport which maps all sport object and organizations for end-user. T/U: Java, SQL, XML

ICO HS / FullStack

Developing SaaS blockchain web application for initial coin offering. T/U: Node.JS, HTML, Bootstrap, Meteor.js...

Foody / FullStack

Developing full solution for food delivery system for Canadian client. T/U: PHP, Angular, Bootstrap, AWS...

Sfinga SaaS / DevOps

Developing advanced business solution. T/U: PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap, MySQL, JS, JSON...

SCORP Tools / DevOps

Advanced business web applications bundle. T/U: PHP, Laravel, Node.js, Angular, Bootstrap, MySQL, JS, JSON...

Freelance Work

50+ various projects for clients from Serbia, UAE, USA, Canada & China.

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Doktor u Kući