Mihajlo Nikolić

full stack developer / computer scientist

based in Serbia

About Me

  • Name: Mihajlo Nikolić
  • Age: 25 Years
  • Job: FullStack Developer
  • Residence: Serbia
  • E-mail: hello@devmn.icu / mihajlonikolicplus@gmail.com
  • Phone: +381 61 2305129
2013 - 2015
IT Technician @ Mobil Sistem Bor

Lot of IT stuff. Repairs, Maintance and more...

2015 - 2017
FullStack Developer @ WordMedia

Working on new web solutions for clients from Serbia and Austia. Various tech used... Latest project: www.audiobm.rs

Technical Support @ QODE

Few months of implementing few updates on custom wp theme. PSD->HTML->WP theme conversion.

FullStack Developer @ ICO HC

Development of SaaS blockchain solution. Working on some backend implementation and creating API. Tech used: .NET, C#, PHP...

FullStack Developer @ BgLightHouse

Various work like creating new web solutions for different type of business. Development of food delivery app for Canadian client was the biggest project... Tech used: PHP, JS, JSON, Angular, Node.js...

Lead Developer @ LD Design

Creating and working on over 10 web solutions and 2 native android applications. Latest projects: www.tehnogama.com / www.irkom.com / www.skolskisport.rs

Founder / DevOps @ WebTechFactory

After 2 years in business we have done more that 50 projects using different technologies like PHP, Laravel, C#, Java, JS etc... Also we developed 3 in-house product which have been user by more that 10 clients. Latest projects: www.neotechsolutions.org / www.bagatela.in.rs / www.suzex.rs

2011 - 2015
Network Administration & Security @ MEŠ Bor

During my high school education, in addition to network administration and communication systems, I had the opportunity to work on various programming languages ​​as well as multimedia processing techniques.

Software Engineering @ FIT MET

Work on developing my own programming skills as well as a lot of experience in project management and business planning beyond the technical side. Also at this time I started developing personal start up ideas and projects which are still alive and in the progression phase...

2009 - Present
Learning @ Home

From the seventh grade of elementary school, I set out to cultivate a love of computers and technology beside playing video games and wasting time with technology. Since then my path has started in which I mostly worked on personal development in various fields of technology, also during my later schooling I had the opportunity to work with various successful people and professors in the field of technology who helped me a lot towards further training. In addition to all that, the various classes and conferences I attended helped a lot. Of course, progress always lasts, so does my journey... :)

  • FrontEnd: HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, Meteor.js
  • BackEnd: Java, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii, REST, SQL, Firebase, WebRTC
  • SoftDev: C#, ASP.NET, Python, WebAPI
  • Design: Adobe tools, Figma, Lunacy
  • GameDev: Unreal, BluePrint, C++, C4D, Blender
  • Admin: Windows Server, Ubuntu Server, CISCO/MicroTik
  • Stacks: LAMP, LEMP, MEAN
My Services
FullStack Development

Mobile Application



Tech Supports

Design & Multimedia


+(381) 61 2305129


Stražilovska, Pančevo

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